Zoom! Summer Mango Quenchers



Zoom! Summer Mango Quenchers

A Crespo Organic Kitchen (HandsOn) Cooking Class

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CST

TIME: 3:00 PM

DESCRIPTION: A Hands on (ZOOM) mango cooking class!

In this class, you’ll learn how to make thirst-quenching summer mango drinks out of this summer’s bounty of mangoes! Here we will teach you how to whip up our favorite mango thirst-quenchers, perfect on a hot summer’s day. We’ll teach you how to prepare a light fruit-herb fermentation, how to add spice for depth, how to utilize coconut water for maximum hydration, how to create a mango pit syrup for iced tea, and we’ll show you our famous Mango-schino Cherry recipe. This class will demonstrate that you don’t need alcohol to have a good drink. In fact, nonalcoholic drinks can be more refreshing, more hydrating and less depleting of vitamins than alcoholic beverages; not to mention, they won’t make you sleepy in the heat. All of our classes will provide some basic mango education, such as how to choose, store and cut mangoes and a little bit about mango varietal nuances, as well! We’ll also discuss how to pick and choose your flavor pairings and potencies. Lots of Q & A time for those that have mango questions!

Zoom Credentials
Meeting ID: 901 448 2782
Passcode: Crespo

RECIPES/IDEAS FEATURED: (Lightly) Fermented Mango-Peach Herbal Punch; Mango-Lime Coconut Fizz; Sparkling Cherry-Limeade sweetened with Mango Pit Syrup, Mango-schino Cherry Garnish; Rose & Mango Earl Grey Iced Tea


EVENT NOTES: Log on to the class with all the ingredients ready, they are listed below, make sure oyu have rip mangoes- purchase them about 4-5 days before. There is some prep work needed for this class so check out the  PRE-CLASS NEEDS