Meet The Crespo's (The Original Crespo People)



Meet The Crespo's (The Original Crespo People)

Meet the family behind the brand!

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CST

Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

Crespo Organic is a Mexican organic produce brand specializing in the production, distribution, and marketing of organic mangoes. The brand is part of El Grupo Crespo, a Mexican family business that began around 1960 with local market chili peppers and rapidly expanded into the production and packing of fresh mangoes. Crespo Organic Mangoes/RCF Distributors (El Grupo Crespo’s USA distribution and marketing company) is one of the largest Mexican direct-trade growers, shippers, and marketers, as well as direct consumer product educators of organic mangoes in North America.

Jump onto Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok every Tuesday during Summer Mango Mania and learn about the family behind the brand! Each week, we will feature one of the Crespo’s and highlight everything from what they do for the family business to how their mango life started and at what age. We will also find out everyone’s favorite mango variety