Kick It! With Luis Roberto



Kick It! With Luis Roberto

The view from the lens of a Crespo niño

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CST

LOCATION: Virtual Crespo Organic Instagram (@CrespoOrganic)

DESCRIPTION: Kick It! With Luis Roberto (The view from the lens of a Crespo niño)

We gave a most important summer job (that being summer intel) to one of our most trusted associates: Luis Roberto! We are sending him to a few key locations for on-the-ground, firsthand, up-to-date information.

First stop is to the Nogales warehouse and offices where he will give us some virtual tours of the ops facilities, including some up close and personal interviews with our team! Yes, he is even going to interview TONY (which is not an easy interview to get!)

From there he will buzz down to our hometown of Rosario, Sinaloa, and visit Empaque Don Jorge (Latin America's largest hydrothermal packhouse) with his grandma ( Maluz) where we will do more virtual tours for us and even harder to get interviews! It’s possible he may even get us an interview with Gaspard or Manuel. How lucky would we be if he got us an exclusive with Jorge, the Crespo Mango Man!?

This little workaholic goes for the gold and heads to Healdsburg with Nissa and the Crespo Organic Kitchen for some Summer Mango Mania culinary events, and we will capture tons of photos and footage to share on our insta!

From there we meet more of the Crespo family (and his mother Malu) at OPN (Organic Produce Network) where he and Nissa will go live with some customer interviews on the show floor!

He will also unveil a big SPECIALTY surprise at the show!

Tune into @CrespoOrganic on Instagram every Thursday at 2PM CST to KICK it! With Luis Roberto!

Kids In the Crespo Kitchen!