Culinary Art: The Mango Lemonade Stand



Culinary Art: The Mango Lemonade Stand

A Business Class for Kids!

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Downing St,
Hollister, Missouri MO 65672
TIME: 10 AM – 12 PM CST
LOCATION: SMAC- 7 Downing St, Hollister, MO 65672

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Age: Children (5 years to 12 years)

DESCRIPTION: Culinary Art: The Mango Lemonade Stand (A Business Class for Kids!)

In conjunction with SMAC ( Southern Missouri Arts Connection) Hollister, MO
Mission: To connect the arts and the community for the enrichment of all.

In this creative class, we connect the arts and the community with Crespo Organic Mangoes during Crespo’s national Summer Mango Mania promotion.
Kids love lemonade, they love summer, they love art, and they love mangoes! In this class, we’ll give them everything they love and more. We’ll fill the SMAC art room with kids between 5-12 and teach them the art of The Lemonade Stand in this hands-on class, using Crespo Organic Mangoes as our muse (note: the Crespo culinary team resides in Blue Eye, MO).

The class will cover all the do’s and don’ts of a successful lemonade stand and plant seeds to encourage the little ones to develop sharp entrepreneurial skills! They'll learn the ABC's of creating their own lemonade stand, including the basics of making lemonade and the skills needed to set up and run their own stands. We will cover safety, stranger danger, as well as provide simple advertising tips to ensure the prosperity of their summer lemonade stands! We take the #MangoJoy further by recruiting SMAC artist Tenille Blair to teach the art of signage. She will focus on the artistic side of the endeavor, drawing on your kid’s creativity to help upsell the deliciousness we make!

This FUN class will cover the basic skills and strategies that every child needs to set up his or her own summer lemonade stand - starting with delicious lemonade and ending with big smiles! Kids will leave with the skills needed to make their own signature lemonade and the marketing materials required to set up their first stand! They will leave thirsty only for their summer business ventures to start. They will also leave as artists and with the knowledge that art, food, and business are all deeply connected!

RECIPES/IDEAS FEATURED: Basic Mango-Lemonade (Sparkling & Plain), Strawberry-Mango Limemade, Garden-Mango Lemonade

EVENT NOTES: Children leave with a business workbook filled with all they need for successful lemonade stands including price calculators, sales trackers, and comment cards! They also leave with Crespo Organic KICK (Kids in the Crespo Kitchen) T-shirts, lemons, mangoes, recipes, and the art (signage) they made for their summer MANGO-lemonade stands

Nissa Pierson of Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center & Crespo Organic Mangoes approaches life
head-on, believing that whatever one does in life one should do at full capacity. This cat proves that an active curiosity actually just makes you better prepared for the many things life throws at you. This curious approach led her to tending giant basil fields in the California landscape which turned into selling herbs on massive scales for others which turned into selling herbs on massive scales for herself and other global farmers which, in turn, gave birth to the agricultural and culinary work she does today. Nissa is a self-taught cook, and cooking instructor for kids and adults with over 25+ years under her teaching belt, employing truly tried-and-true techniques not found in so many other places, lending a deliciously, unique quality to every dish she prepares. She is a mango expert and currently resides in Blue Eye, MO.

Tenille is a working visual artist with a concentration in mixed media, sculpture and stop-motion animation, who has participated in over 50 national and international exhibits. She is also a creative arts therapist, psychoanalyst, and professional counselor in private practice in Branson. She is the current Board President of Southern Missouri Arts Connection (SMAC) and is passionate about the arts as a tool for enhancing mental health and overall wellbeing.