#ChooseYourCut A Lesson in Mango Cutting



#ChooseYourCut A Lesson in Mango Cutting

A Crespo Organic Kitchen (Hands On) Zoom Cooking Class

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST

TIME: 6:00 PM CST – 8:00PM CST

DESCRIPTION:  A Hands on (ZOOM) mango cooking class!

This class is a no-BS introduction to the top ways to slice and dice a mango. In less than two hours the Crespo Organic Kitchen will give you the full cutting scoop and the sweet skills that will guide you to optimal #MangoJoy.

“Cookie cutter methods” of culinary education are limiting and stifle advancement of greater skills so in this class, there is not just one method for cutting mangoes but several. We will focus on the 5 methods the Crespo Organic Kitchen think work for most cases of mango cutting: The Hedgehog, The Cut & Slice, The Hack, The Peel & Slice and The Mexican Flower Method. Additionally, we will focus on some basic Mango Anatomy 101 that will teach potential mango cutters the essentials for successful cutting and we won’t forget to spend time on the pit which confuses even the best of us!

The greatest part about this class is we meet you where you are, wherever that may be in terms of your knife skills, mango varietals, and ripeness of the fruit, the goal is to teach you how to hold your own while cutting mangoes.

Mango Hunter Jeff Ray joins with a bevy of his constituents ensuring that lots of questions are asked, lots of #mangojoy is had and that more people get the message that cutting mangoes doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

Your Pre-Homework is to watch our quick  #ChooseYourCut tutorials on the various methods of cutting mangoes so you know what to expect. Download the Class Recipes and General Class Instructions and follow all the instructions.

Pre-Register for the class RIGHT HERE.

Zoom Credentials
Meeting ID: 878 1500 1434
Passcode: CRESPO

RECIPES/IDEAS FEATURED: Ripeness of a Mango, 5 Cutting methods, Mango Pit Cleaning & Usage, Mango Puree; Mango Pico De Gallo; Mango Upside Down Cake

EVENT NOTES: This class is FREE! Make sure to follow all the instructions on the General Information Page and that all the equipment needed and ingredients EXCEPT mangoes are ready to go before class. Participants must register for the class using this link.