Varietal Hunting with Mango Hunter Jeff Ray!



Varietal Hunting with Mango Hunter Jeff Ray!

Mango Hunter does his thing, we watch (and help)

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST

TIME:   Varies
LOCATION:  Instagram @JeffRayFilms

DESCRIPTION: Varietal Hunting with Mango Hunter Jeff Ray

(Instagram Handle @JeffrayFilms)

For this one we are simply shining the light on what he does daily and facilitating more varietals into his hands. We will for sure get our Crespo Organic specialty mangoes in his hands: Mallika, Nam Doc Mai and Kiew Savoy (Thai Sweet Green). But we will also be putting some Florida, Columbian and Indian mangoes into his hands, while also helping him unbury the details behind the lack of varietals in the USA.

Jeff generally puts out his mango reels each Friday so we will steer our viewer and industry connection his way and we encourage you to follow him on IG and see for yourself the interesting work he is doing for us all!

We look forward to tasting mangoes through the visceral and visual experience that is his Mango Hunter journey!

We challenge  and encourage our fellow mango folks (growers, importers and sellers) to send him mangoes!!! Reach out to him via IG and send him your best stuff, the results will speak for themselves through his videos!

Tune into both Instagram channels (@JeffRayFilms & @CrespoOrganic) to watch all the mango magic during the month of July and of course beyond.


Mango Hunter Jeff Ray is a DC-based video creator whose journey as the Mango Hunter on Instagram began in 2023, capturing hearts with his delectable mango-based content. Jeff's deep-rooted affection for mangoes traces back to his early years spent in Panama, where he was able to snack on the fruit plucked straight from trees in his backyard. His goal is to taste all the mangoes the world has to offer, and to share the joy he gets from mangoes (#MangoJoy) with as many people as he can. (Beyond his love of mangoes, Jeff likes to spend his time traveling, playing tennis and making music.) You can learn more about Jeff Ray and his projects at