Yahmina's Choosing (How to Select Mangoes)



Yahmina's Choosing (How to Select Mangoes)

Once a week Yahmina educates on the art of choosing mangoes

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am CST


LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram ) @CrespoOrganic

Yahmina is a key member of the Crespo mango crew frequently found in stores conducting Mango Tastings & Cutting Demos. Through firsthand experience, she's familiar with the common queries of mango lovers when selecting mangoes. Cookie cutter industry fake news, not every consumer seeks a ripe, ready-to-eat mango at point of purchase. Yahmina’s insight recognizes the importance of offering help so mango lovers evaluate and understand their varying preferences and this weekly selection educational will do just that!

Whether you plan to enjoy your mangoes immediately after purchase, reserve them for an upcoming #TacoTuesday, use them in a cake or salad, or experiment with the Mango Hack, Yahmina is here to help. Drawing from popular questions during mango demonstrations, she will provide all the answers and equip you with essential tips and tricks for selecting the ideal mango for your next moment of #MangoJoy.