Valeria’s Varietals Daily!



Valeria’s Varietals Daily!

Our social media maven gives us an (almost) daily dose of varietal education

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST

Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

Twice a week throughout Summer Mango Mania, our social media maven, Valeria, gives us juicy information and sweet tips that are varietal-specific, so you can make the most of the #MuchosMangoes that pass through your summer threshold. You will find her varietal-specific mango content on all social media channels!

Message her on our Instagram with any varietal questions, tips, or suggestions—she’ll post your questions and the answers!