Treats On the Street!



Treats On the Street!

Answers mango questions, get mango rewards, it’s that simple!

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am CST

TIME: Varies


By collecting data on mango consumer behavior, preferences, and feedback, we gain valuable insights into what mango lovers appreciate and they loathe, extending beyond our brand and mangoes to include recipes and commodity education. These insights enable us to tailor offerings to better meet the needs and expectations of mango shoppers, ultimately increasing the overall mango experience.
Collaborating with our retailers, we can together enhance the overall mango shopper experience, both in-store and beyond, ensuring satisfaction from orchard to table. The final sweet result is happier mango customers and more #MangoJoy.
Throughout July, in various cities nationwide, our dedicated #CrespoPeople (staff and volunteers) will be hitting the streets to engage in insightful discussions and fun mango-related activities (on camera and off) in exchange for MANGO REWARDS such as T-shirts, hats, dried mangoes, and fresh fruit! Keep an eye out for us in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Bolinas, McAllen, Kansas City, and Branson this season!