Recipe Roulette with Mango Hunter Jeff Ray



Recipe Roulette with Mango Hunter Jeff Ray

Mango Hunter tests our recipes and judges us!

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST


LOCATION: Virtual (Duel IG Channels) @JeffRayFilms & @CrespoOrganic

Jeff has asked us a lot similar questions to what we receive in our inbox every day from our followers and mango customers as they start to increase the quantity of their mango purchases, the top question being“ how can we use them?”

We have spent a lot of time thoughtfully thinking about this question and pairing our ideas with the very real challenges home cooks have; time constraints and ease of recipe being the main struggle. We were born to give useful tips, ideas and solutions for the everyday mango shoppers.

We not only create recipes that are (mostly) fairly easy to execute and re-creatable for home cooks in any region of the US, but recipes that are enjoyable to make, healthy to eat, and above all mango-centric recipes that cookers will want to make over and over again, and they will never feel like we’ve just haphazardly added chopped mango to a normal recipe.

Together with Jeff we came up with a fun game for Summer Mango Mania: Recipe Roulette.

The goal is simple he re-creates a few of our mango recipes and critiques them in terms of ease, flavor, #MangoJoy and above all would he re-create it or recommend to others that they make it?

The series launches by Mango Hunter’s viewers voting on three recipes he will recreate in July and then he does his magic, and we prove that we’ve done ours!

Tune into both Instagram channels (@JeffRayFilms & @CrespoOrganic) to watch all the mango magic!

Mango Hunter Jeff Ray is a DC-based video creator whose journey as the Mango Hunter on Instagram began in 2023, capturing hearts with his delectable mango-based content. Jeff's deep-rooted affection for mangoes traces back to his early years spent in Panama, where he was able to snack on the fruit plucked straight from trees in his backyard. His goal is to taste all the mangoes the world has to offer, and to share the joy he gets from mangoes (#MangoJoy) with as many people as he can. (Beyond his love of mangoes, Jeff likes to spend his time traveling, playing tennis and making music.) You can learn more about Jeff Ray and his projects at