Pushing Boundaries (Recipe Testing with Nissa)



Pushing Boundaries (Recipe Testing with Nissa)

Watch how a weird idea morphs into a mango recipe

Time: - 1:00 am CST

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LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram) @Picoypero

The mastermind behind the Crespo Organic Kitchen and our in-house crackerjack, Nissa Pierson (and yes she also manages the entire organic category as the full-time part of her gig with El Grupo Crespo) is a long time recipe developer and loves to make new recipe ideas for mango lovers.

Nissa has been traveling the globe in search of food and cultural knowledge while working with farmers in her produce consultancy business for over 25+ years. She specializes in sustainable, organic, fairly traded and local agricultural products. She has accumulated extensive culinary expertise in her many years working with fruits, vegetable, and herb farmers all over the world and has been specializing in sharing that knowledge through food and food culture education since 2005 when she founded <a href="http://www.ger-nis.com/">Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center (and technically way before through other teaching channels). She is a noted herb expert, a veteran cooking instructor, and a food writer/recipe developer with over 25+ years experience. She writes about fresh herbs on her blog MyHerbalRoots.com and educates consumers about organic mangoes on her Crespo blog- UnderTheMangoTree.CrespoOrganic.com
She understands the importance of all aspects of mango expertise – from orchard to table and her offering of the culinary and education aspect of mangoes to the Crespo Organic brand is the only of its kind.

During mango season she is constantly coming up with new mango-centric recipes, tips and general education from the orchards to the table. Recipe testing comes fairly easy to Nissa, she has a gift for recipe creation, that encompasses a total understanding of the home cook. Her ideas often seem weird at concept but eventually things like her mango dulce de leche idea become an easy-to-recreate recipe for home cooks who love mangoes!

Lucky you during Summer Mango Mania you can watch her in her element, sometimes live!

You can learn more about Nissa’s history at MyHerbal-Roots.