Our Mango Packhouse ~ El Original (Empaque Don Jorge)



Our Mango Packhouse ~ El Original (Empaque Don Jorge)

Peak into “Our Home” Latin America’s largest hydrothermal mango packing house

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am CST


LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram|Facebook) @CrespoOrganic

Our Summer Mango Mania excitement wouldn’t be complete without taking a close look at the place that has done all the heavy lifting since the 80’s. Empaque Don Jorge, our home, our mango packhouse! Our everything! With the capacity to pack over a million pounds of mangoes per day in peak season, this spectacular place will wow you!

Bringing mangoes from the orchard to your table is no easy feat. Throughout the summer, we'll offer firsthand insights into the challenges of this process and proudly showcase our state-of-the-art, efficient mango packhouse as an integral part of this journey. Oh and we want to make sure our Spanish speakers get easy access so we’ll be slappin’ down content in Español regularly with this one!

Empaque Don Jorge, situated in Rosario, Sinaloa, is a cutting-edge mango packhouse that’s been part of the Crespo family legacy since the early days. These days its been totally revamped and boasts a modern infrastructure and efficiency to handle large volumes of mangoes, both conventional and organic, including meeting USDA hot water treatment requirements. The packhouse is THE significant hub in our summer supply chain, ensuring product quality, food safety, and compliance while enhancing the sustainability of mango programs. With various updates and expansions, Empaque Don Jorge stands out for its advanced facilities and commitment to providing quality mangoes to the US and Canadian markets. The packhouse also plays a crucial role in supporting local communities by offering year-round employment and maintaining high standards of labor and operational practices. All of that and more is what to expect!