Mango Tasting & Cutting Demo



Mango Tasting & Cutting Demo

Nashville, Tenessee

Time: 2:00 pm - CST

Nashville, TBD

Join us as we spread #MangoJoy in person and discover from the source what mango shoppers really want! All season long, the Crespo Organic Kitchen team hits the road to meet mango lovers in person. Despite the busy Summer Mango Mania, we make time to engage with Crespo fans, teach them about our mangoes, and learn from their feedback. Everyone gets a chance to taste our delicious mangoes, buy mangoes on sale, and help us improve.

We rotate a small team among stores on each coast and in the Midwest. Each store features mangoes on sale with a big, beautiful display. This joyous process allows us to learn more about our mango shoppers' needs and ensures they have a great time at our displays while learning about mangoes. One taste of mango at a time, we educate, engage, excite, and entice—this is the essence of Summer Mango Mania.

Sample sweet and juicy Crespo Mangoes, including Crespo Organic Dried Mangoes and our Mango Queen specialty mangoes.
Our expert #MangoPeople will answer questions about selecting, storing, and gauging ripeness.
Demonstrations of helpful #ChooseYourCut techniques.
Recipe cards for summer mango recipes.
Kids get stickers and temporary tattoos of mango trees.
Crespo SWAG will be tossed out into the crowds.

Come with Questions, Leave with Mangoes and Mango Expertise!