Instagram Giveaway Thursday!



Instagram Giveaway Thursday!

We’re Givin’ Stuff Away But You Gotta Work For It!

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

TIME: 12:00 PM CST

LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram) @CrespoOrganic

DECRIPTION: Instagram Giveaway Thursday (Monday This Time!)

TODAY’s GIVEAWAY: Custom Bronze Crespo Organic Mango Fork!

Today’s giveaway is the GRAND FINALE of our #CrespoOrganic #SummerMangoMania #Giveaways so yes, we are going big!

We partnered with artist Kurtis Major of Locust House to carefully design and create custom Bronze Mango Forks!

Mango Forks are essentially a fork with one long prong that stabs into the bottom of the pit and two short prongs (sometimes more) that stab into the sides of the flesh near the pit, for stabilization, essentially it’s a handle and was designed so people could eat a mango with a sloppy mess. Sure, it’s a little bougie but it’s also cool! The fork provides a tight grip on the mango for easier peeling with a knife; holding the forked mango with one hand and peeling the skin off with a knife with the other. One would then be eating the mango or cut off the fork.

The origin of the mango fork is thought to be Cuba, but it traveled all over Latin America and it was quite common for Mexican households of wealth to have fancy silver mango forks and they’d often be used for…. You guess it sweet tropical mangoes for dessert!

Today, less folks have fancy mango forks, but the same concept of the mango fork is seen everywhere in the streets of Mexico and throughout the world; wherever you see mangoes on a stick you see the original idea behind the mango fork!

But now you get a fork a custom bronze one, created just for us!

Here’s how to win!


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Cut a mango and post a INTAGRAM REEL of your cutting the process! This is your chance to get creative! We want to see your best #HowToCutAMango moves! You can try the Mexican Flower Method or the #CutandSlice of the #MangoHack – the choice is yours…. #ChooseYourCut OR you can try something totally innovative! As we always say, there is no right way, only good techniques, tips and tricks!
You must TAG us (@CrespoOrganic ) in your reel
You must use the hashtags #SummerMangoMania #BronzeMangoForkFinale #ChooseYourCut (must have all three to win!)

Must Follow @CrespoOrganic to win! Don’t forget that part!

Winner will be chosen in 2 parts – Crespo Organic Kitchen will choose top 5 based on most fun and clever reel and the final winner will be put to a vote on our Instagram story !

Winner will be announced Wednesday July 31st at Noon CST after the vote on IG which will take place Monday & Tuesday prior.

Prize will be sent via US Mail within 7 days of contest completion!
Only US Addresses in the continental US are eligible to win!

EVENT NOTES: Social Media Giveaway Rules- The Fine Print