Friday Night Kitchen Reels!



Friday Night Kitchen Reels!

The Salt Gypsy Tina Degraff shows us a few mango recipes

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

LOCATION: Crespo Organic Instagram (@CrespoOrganic)

DESCRIPTION: Tina DeGraff (@the_SaltGypsy) shows us how to make our favorite Crespo recipes

Tina DeGraff Martinez is a food stylist, recipe developer and culinary producer by trade and a teacher of cooking by heart! Her popular Instagram page (@the_saltGypsy) excels at demonstrating some of the best cooking and food prep tips  around, all that are easy to follow and totally relatable. She’s wickedly skilled but excels at teaching professional skills to the general public. We are  BIG fans and have been for many, many years! She believes in eating well, but knows that we build better habits one day at a time. We feel super lucky to have her featured during Summer Mango Mania, cooking up our original Crespo Organic Kitchen recipes. We are all going to learn a lot from her!


June 28rd – Mango Peach Iced Tea Spritzer
July 12th– Mango Cabbage Salad with Herbs &  Chili Lime Dressing
Friday July 19th – Mango Chinese Chicken Salad

EVENT NOTES: We urge you to try and recipes and post your own reels!