{Extra}Ordinary Monday #MangoJoy



{Extra}Ordinary Monday #MangoJoy

Showcasing the extraordinary joy felt by everyday people in the presence of mangoes

Time: 9:00 am - CST

Instagram and Tik Tok (@CrespoOrganic) & Under The Mango Tree
LOCATION: Instagram and Tik Tok (@CrespoOrganic) & Under The Mango Tree


As part of our {extra}Ordinary People series, {Extra}Ordinary Monday #MangoJoy showcases the joy that the majority of people experience when surrounded by mangoes, including celebrities, like Cardi B, which we are totally showcasing as well as a gaggle of other folks from all walks of life: wine students, marines, jujitsu men, mothers, teachers, dads and even a gorilla.

#MangoJoy is real, and we want everyone to share it abundantly. Every Monday our social media feed will showcase someone special and their contribution to #MangoJoy. We warn you know, it comes in various forms and is totally contagious!

Additionally on Monday’s we are going to flood our stories with even more mango joy.

Send us your #MangoJoy and we will post it.


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