{Extra}Ordinary Monday #MangoJoy



{Extra}Ordinary Monday #MangoJoy

Showcasing the extraordinary joy felt by everyday people in the presence of mangoes

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CST

Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic
LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

As part of our {extra}Ordinary People series, {Extra}Ordinary Monday #MangoJoy showcases the joy that people experience when surrounded by mangoes, including celebrities like Cardi B. We are also featuring a variety of other folks from all walks of life: wine students, marines, jujitsu practitioners, mothers, teachers, dads, and even a gorilla.

#MangoJoy is real, and we want everyone to share it abundantly. Every Monday, our social media feed will showcase someone special and their contribution to #MangoJoy. We warn you now, it comes in various forms and is totally contagious! We hope you join in and share as we flood our stories with even more mango joy. Tag us and we will share your #MangoJoy.

Share in the fun, use #MangoJoy for all your mango-centric posts.