#ChooseYourCut - A Lesson in Mango Cutting



#ChooseYourCut - A Lesson in Mango Cutting

Wanna know how to cut a mango? We got you!

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CST

Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

LOCATION: Virtual (Instagram | Facebook | Tik Tok) @CrespoOrganic

Cutting a mango can often be the biggest challenge or even sometimes the biggest deterrent when eating mangoes! Every week on Saturdays, all summer long we will be here to show you that YOU CAN cut mangoes with ease. The Crespo Organic Kitchen will be featuring our five special mango cuts: The Hedge Hog, The Cut & Slice, The Peel & Slice, The Mango Hack, and The Mexican Flower Method (for the pros, but very satisfying).
Our motto when it comes to mangoes is everyone can do it (even kids!) and the choice is yours! We teach mango cutters to choose whichever option best suits the cutters skillset and end needs, while considering the varietal, size and ripeness of the mango. With a little technique, plus a few tips and tricks from our Crespo Organic Kitchen culinary pro’s, you can choose the best cutting option for you and your mango!